• Kara Eileen Jaeger ~

    K.J. Michael, Author ~

    Soul-Guide ~

    Rescuer of Lost or Stolen Pets ~

    " To thine own self be true."

    William Shakespeare

    We will communicate with your lost or stolen pet(s) guided by the Christ Angels & Animal Divas.

    Many times through Divine Intervention, pets can be found or rescued.

    For consultation and/or appointment call:



    Kara is a gifted telepath/empath who easily communicates with alive or departed pets, earthbound spirits and ghosts.

    She works closely with the Great Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, foremost with the Christ and Archangels.


    Other Mystical Work Offered:

    Kara through the Power of the Christ performs angelic clearing(s) for her clients that are haunted and/or cursed.

    No fees required, only Gratitude Offerings accepted.

    We appreciate your Gratitude Offerings, please base your giving on how much you have valued your mystical session(s) and on how much you can afford.


    Kara does offer Character Readings, where she asks for your full name and then she will talk with your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guardians to guide you and to clear all past lifetime interferences.

    Often, Kara helps you find your true passion in life.

    Only Gratitude Offerings accepted.

    Through angelic means, Kara can find lost pets that are still in the physical for clients.

    For an appointment, please call: 619-333-9575

    Please leave message and Kara will return your call asap.

    Inquiries welcomed.









    Angel Pet Divas will help us find your lost or stolen pet(s).



    We care deeply about your lost or stolen pet(s).

    We know they are like children to you.

    We will help you find them.

    We will never give up!

    We promise!

    Ruff Ruff!!!





    ~ Spiritual Message ~

    In the end, only three things matter,

    How much you have loved,

    How gently you have lived,

    And, how gracefully you have let go of things not meant for you.

    ~ Buddha ~






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    Inquiries Welcomed. Call: 619-333-9575

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    K. J. Michael wishes you and your pet(s) the very best. Always with love. . .