• Kara

    K.J. Michael, Author


    Soul Guide

    Communicates with departed loved ones, humans and pets.

    Rescuer of Lost, Stolen, and departed pets.

    • Kara is a gifted telepath/empath/sensitive who is guided by Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides, to heal and communicate with your departed loved ones and including pets. 
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    • Through angelic means, Kara can find your lost pet(s) that are still in the physical.  She will communicate with your lost or stolen pet(s) guided by the Christ Angels & Animal Divas.  Many times pets can be restored to you!   
    • Regarding departed pets, Kara will communicate with them and people can be helped to understand that their pet(s) that they love so much are still with them in soul form.   This is very important because the departed pet(s) do not understand why their people that they love are not paying attention to them.  The departed pet(s) have no idea that they have crossed over and they need grounding and understanding to how life has changed from the physical for them to soul-form.   
    • Through Angelic Love all broken hearts can be healed, for departed grieving pet(s) and people that love them.
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    • Gratitude Offerings accepted for human or pet Consultations 
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    • For an appointment, please call: 619-333-9575 
    • Please leave message and Kara will return your call asap. 
    • Inquiries welcomed.


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    Angel Pet Divas will help us find your lost or stolen pet(s).



    We care deeply about your lost or stolen pet(s).

    We know they are like children to you.

    We will help you find them.

    We will never give up!

    We promise!

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    ~ Spiritual Message ~

    In the end, only three things matter,

    How much you have loved,

    How gently you have lived,

    And, how gracefully you have let go of things not meant for you.

    ~ Buddha ~

    We offer guided meditations.





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    Inquiries Welcomed. Call: 619-333-9575

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    Kara J. Michael wishes you and your pet(s) the very best.

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